About the meeting

This meeting brought together the international research community actively engaged in the study of Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) and summarized the progress in this field as it enters an exciting phase in the coming decade. The origin of FRBs remains a mystery, but the prospects for solving it are at hand thanks to a wide array of emerging new facilities that are finding FRBs at an ever increasing rate. Located at cosmological distances, FRBs have great potential as probes of exotic physics as well as the large-scale structure of the Universe. Our original plans were to hold the meeting in Thailand, but with the outbreak of COVID-19, our plans had to shift to an online format. This site now serves as an archive to the meeting. In addition to reviewing the program and list of participants who signed up, by following the "Links" tab, you can replay the talk sessions on YouTube and review the talk slides. Please also check out this meeting report written by Evan Keane.

In addition to all the talks and discussion, we remember and honored the life of one of the FRB communities leading researchers J-P Macquart (1972-2020)